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Hey! Anyone Know A Guy?

An online business directory for Chivers.

1. Case study

Within the Chive communities there is always someone looking for some one that can do a job for them. Most of the time this is done through their respective Facebook community pages and the request inevitably gets lost in the news feeds.

2. Result

A Chiver centric business listing directory where Chivers can find and hire other Chives. Bringing the Chive community just another resource to make the world 10% better.

3. Experience

It's a little early to tell since the site just launched on 1 MAR 2016. The respond has been overwhelming positive and there are commitments from 300+ Chivers to add their business information soon.

Project Details

Client: Chivers At Large

Date: 1 MAR 2016

Online: hey.anyoneknowaguy.com

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